Giant Gorg Episode 14

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Separate Ways is the 14th episode of Giant Gorg, an anime series produced by Sunrise. It premiered in 1984.

Separate Ways
Giant gorg ep14 9.jpg
Japanese わかれ道
(Wakare michi)
Show Giant Gorg
Episode no. 14
Release date 1984
Country Japan
Studio Nippon Sunrise
Writer Masaki Tsuji
Director Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Doris Wave
Bindings Rope
Positions Seated
Voice actors
Japanese Kazumi Amemiya


Continuing from the last episode, Yuu and Doris are still trapped in the building, struggling to get free as the smoke and fire spreads. They are rescued just in time by Gorg, who reaches into the burning building to pick them up and put them safely inside his cockpit. After a moment of relief where both catch their breath, Yuu sets to work untying Doris's bindings with his teeth.