Final Fantasy IV

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Final Fantasy IV
Japanese ファイナルファンタジーIV
English (deprecated) Final Fantasy II
Release date July 19, 1991
Country Japan
Developer Squaresoft
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Rosa Farrell
Bindings Rope
Positions Chairtie (original)
Hands over head suspension (3D)
Voice actors

Final Fantasy IV is a 1991 role playing game by Squaresoft originally released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is the fourth main entry in the Final Fantasy series.


This description applies to the original Japanese SNES release. For other versions, please see the "Version differences" section.

The kingdom of Baron, led by the evil Golbez, is trying to seize the four elemental crystals. The protagonists, led by dark knight Cecil Harvey, travel to the kingdom of Fabul to help them protect their crystal. Unfortunately, it does no good; when Golbez himself makes an appearance flanked by Cecil's brainwashed best friend Kain, he quickly incapacitates the heroes and takes the crystal. Additionally, he takes notice of Cecil's particular worry for his lady love Rosa and decides to capture the unconscious girl.

Rosa is taken to the Tower of Zot, where she is seen tied to a chair with rope, struggling while a scythe dangles precariously over her. Golbez and Kain discuss evil matters; the last crystal is troublesome to retrieve, so Kain suggests having Cecil do the dirty work by offering to trade Rosa for it.

Meanwhile, the heroes go through their own trials and tribulations, including getting separated and having Cecil go through a trial to renounce his ways as a dark knight and become a paladin.

Finally, when the crystal is retrieved, Kain arrives on an airship and has the party follow him to the Tower of Zot, where they must fight their way to the top to save Rosa's life. After a confrontation with Golbez, the villain is forced to retreat and his control over Kain's mind is broken. Kain hurries Cecil and the others into the room where Rosa is being held, allowing Cecil to free her just before the scythe comes down on her.

In the aftermath, Cecil and Rosa forgive Kain for his actions while he was being controlled, although Kain confesses that it wasn't simply mind control that informed his actions, but also his own feelings for Rosa.

Version differences

In the original Japanese SNES version, a scythe hangs above Rosa while she is bound. In the "EasyType" version (which makes the gameplay and story easier to understand for younger players) as well as the US release, the scythe is changed to a big spherical weight. All subsequent versions revert to the scythe in all regions.

In the 3D remake of the game, Rosa is not tied to a chair but suspended off the ground with her hands over her head.


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