Detective School Q Episode 25

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An Old Enemy! Pluto is the 25th episode of Detective School Q, a mystery anime based upon the manga of the same name.

An Old Enemy! Pluto
Dsq s01e25 2.jpg
Show Detective School Q
Episode no. 25
Release date October 25, 2003
Country Japan
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Yukihira Sakurako
Bindings Rope
Gags Cleave gag


Voice actors
Japanese Satsuki Yukino


Yukihira Sakurako is kidnapped as she's snooping at the end of episode 24. Early in episode 25, she awakens to find herself inside a cardboard box with concrete blocks being wheeled along in a cart. Her mouth is cleave gagged, her hands are tied behind her back and her ankles are tied together. She hears air being pumped into a raft as she struggles, and after the box is dropped into the raft Yukihira realizes to her horror that she's been thrown into water and the concrete is intended to drown her.

The kidnapper pokes a hole in the raft and pushes it out into the middle of a lake. Yukihira continues to struggle as the deflating raft lets water into the box. Just as the water reaches her neck, she manages to work the gag out of her mouth enough to be able to scream for help.