Cisco Kid - The New Steward

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Cisco Kid - The New Steward
Cisco Kid - The New Steward 089.jpg
Series Cisco Kid
Release date 1967
Country America
Studio The Hall Syndicate
Writer Rod Reed
Artist José Luis Salinas
No. of scenes 2
Damsels Susie Dunn
Bindings Ropes
Positions Wrists behind
Gags Handgag
OTM gag

The New Steward is a story from the "Cisco Kid" Comic strips that ran in the year 1967. The Cisco Kid is a fictional character found in numerous film, radio, television and comic book series based on the fictional Western character created by O. Henry in his 1907 short story “The Caballero’s Way”, published in the collection Heart of the West, as well as in Everybody’s Magazine, v17, July 1907. Originally a murderous criminal in O. Henry’s story, the Kid was depicted as a heroic Mexican caballero later in films, radio and television adaptations. José Luis Salinas and Rod Reed drew the Cisco Kid comic strip, syndicated by King Features from 1951 to 1967.


When Tom Young, a cowboy at the Dunn Ranch, thinks that the owner of the ranch goes back on his promise to make him the new foreman, instead choosing Cisco Kid, he makes a deal with outlaws to lead the next cattle drive right into their arms. What he doesnt know is that Cisco Kid is only invited to make the first few weeks easier for Tom in his new job. Oblivious of this Tom goes through with his plan and is already well on his way with the herd when Cisco Kid and the owners daughter, Susie Dunn, find out about his betrayal. Furious Susie wants to go with Cisco Kid and his companion Pancho to intercept the traitor but Cisco Kid wont have it. Susie decides to ride out on her own ahead of the Kid without her knowing. She is captured by renegade Native Americans who know she might be worth a hefty sum in ransom. They drag her onto one of their horses and handgag her, later binding her wrists and feet and gagging her with a strip of cloth when they make camp. Cisco tracks them to their camp and sneaks in to free Susie, but is discovered by the natives just when he has undone her bonds. Pancho intervenes, blindsiding the natives.