Bernard Prince Volume 6

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Bernard Prince - La loi de l'ouragan
Bernard Prince 06-01.jpg
Series Bernard Prince
Issue no. 006
Release date 1973
Country France
Studio Lombard
Writer Michel "Greg" Regnier
Artist Hermann Huppen
No. of scenes 2
Damsels Crystal Wayne
Bindings Ropes
Gags Handgag

La loi de l'ouragan ("Judgement by Hurricane") is the sixth volume of the ongoing adventure series "Bernard Prince" who follows the journeys of the eponymous former interpol officer turned adventurer.


In the sixth volume Bernard and his friends are travelling islands in the pacific. When they meet a friend of theirs, "El Lobo" who has won a third share in a pearl diving venture in a card game, they decide to take him to the island where the venture is based. They meet the other two shareholders, a pair of siblings, Crystal and Terry Wayne. They learn that a huge moray has appeared, driving the native divers away. All attempts to drive it away or kill it have failed so far. They also learn that the former chieftain of the village on the island was disposed against the venture and when the moray appeared convinced the other villagers that it is a sign from their gods.

Bernard and his friends formulate a plan to satiate the moray with huge amounts of fish, so it retreats to its cavern so they can blow it up. The one native that has seemingly remained loyal to the siblings agrees to get the fish, but tells the former chieftain about this, they lace the fish with a poison that is to send the moray into a frenzy. When Bernard and his friends are out at see Crystal and Djinn who have remained on land learn of the plan, running for the beach to warn them. The chieftain and his helper intercept them, Crystal gets handgagged and she and Ali dragged away and bound to a palm tree so they cant warn Bernard. While this and the fight with the moray takes place a hurricane arises, hitting the island with full force, even beaching Bernards ship. They find that the storm has killed both the chieftain and his helper, the other natives lead them to the place where Crystal and Djinn are kept captive.