Bernard Prince Volume 16

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Bernard Prince - La dynamitera
Bernard Prince 16-01.jpg
Series Bernard Prince
Issue no. 016
Release date 1992
Country France
Studio Blanco
Writer Michel "Greg" Regnier
Artist Édouard Aidans
No. of scenes 3
Damsels Maria Dolores
"La dynamitera"
Bindings Ropes
Positions Hands over head, Hands behind back

La dynamitera (loose translation "A Woman like Dynamite") is the sixteenth volume of the ongoing adventure series "Bernard Prince" who follows the journeys of the eponymous former interpol officer turned adventurer.


In the sixteenth volume Bernard and his friends have to stay a few days in a south american country while their ship undergoes repairs. The country is currently, after a coup, under the rulership of a colonel of its army, with an active rebellion ongoing. As foreigners they are forcibly consigned to stay in the premises of a local hotel. It quickly turns out that one of Bernards Friends, Barney Jordan, lived in the country in the past, fathering the girl who is the figurehead of the rebellion against the colonel. The dictator wants to use Barney to lure out his daughter, who goes by the monkier "La dynamitera". She sends her mother, Maria Dolores, into the hotel to bring Barney, Bernard and Djinn out in disguise, but they get caught, their wrists bound they are loaded onto a truck heading straight for the gallows. The Colonel hopes that this will lead to "La dynamitera" making mistakes, but she has already planned ahead, with the executioner one of her people, with several others waiting in the wings to free the captives.

Meanwhile she launches an assault on the capital but is captured by the colonel along with a handful of her men. They are brought to the palace where she is suspended by her wrists, the colonel tearing open her top, intend on whipping her. At this moment a van converted into an assault vehicle breaks through the palace walls with Barney on top manning an an recoilles rifle. The colonel treatens to kill "La dynamitera", knife in one hand, grenade in another. "La dynamitera", the rope keeping her wrists over her head cut, manages a spin kick, knocking the grenade out of his hand. At this moment Bernard smashes through a window and punches the colonel several times, knocking him to the ground. He manages to get up to his feet, grabbing the grenade, before retreating to call in his troops but gets killed when he accidentally looses the safety clip of the grenade without noticing.