Bernard Prince Volume 1

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Bernard Prince - Le général Satan et les pirates de Lokanga
Bernard Prince 01-01.jpg
Series Bernard Prince
Issue no. 001
Release date 1969
Country France
Studio Lombard (Jeune Europe)
Writer Michel "Greg" Regnier
Artist Hermann Huppen
No. of scenes 2
Damsels Burma Diego
Bindings Ropes
Positions Wrists in front

Le général Satan et les pirates de Lokanga ("General Satan and the pirates of Lokanga") is the first volume of the ongoingadventure series "Bernard Prince" who follows the journeys of the eponymous former interpol officer turned adventurer.


The first volume is a double feature, containing both the stories "Pirates of Lokanga and General Satan". In the first story Bernard Prince and his young indian sidekick Djinn are hired to pick up the cargo of a downed aircraft in the african country of Lokanga. Their boss for this adventure is a woman named Burma Diego who wants them to pick up both the cargo and the pilot of an airplane that had to go down in the midst of a jungle, close to a river. Burma is rather tight lipped about the nature of cargo, only stating it is from south africa and that its "trinkets".

After picking up the cargo and the gun crazy pilot of the plane Djinn discovers that the cargo are raw diamonds, which leads to Burma and the pilot taking Djinn as a hostage and forcing the crew of Bernard´s ship under gunpoint to complete the contract. An attack by a native tribe gives Bernard the opporunity to overwhelm Burma. He binds her hands with rope behind her back and when a police cutter shows up hands her over to them. She is shown handcuffed and being lead away by the police.