Avenging Spirit

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Avenging Spirit
Avenging spirit girl threatened.png
Japanese Phantasm
Release date 1991
Country Japan
Developer Jaleco
Bindings Rope
Voice actors

Avenging Spirit is a side scrolling platformer arcade game published by Jaleco.


The player plays a ghost who was murdered when his girlfriend was kidnapped. The ghost can possess other humans and control their bodies to fight his way to her rescue.

At the beginning of stage 6, the interlude shows the ghost having a premonition that his girlfriend is being held within the stage. She is shown kneeling on the floor with her hands bound behind her back while shadowy hands loom over her.

If the player manages to find the three keys to unlock the girl's cell, the ghost finds her tied up inside. He can then possess her, giving her the strength to break free of the ropes.

(Credit: Kourraxspam)