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Would you like to be rewarded for adding to the Animated Damsel Wiki? Add your name to the list below to be entered into a monthly sketch giveaway courtesy of Rosie! For each article you add during a given month, you will get one entry into the randomizer. At the end of the month, one entry will be chosen and the winner will get a single character colored sketch of their choice!

How it works

  1. 1. Add your name to the list below.
  2. 2. Create new articles. Articles must include the following to qualify:
    1. An intro paragraph
    2. An infobox
    3. A description
    4. A gallery
  3. 3. At the end of the month, all your articles are tallied as follows:
    1. Every article is worth one entry into the giveaway randomizer
    2. Articles for scenes from 2022 are worth two entries


  • Other sections are welcome but not required.
  • Don't worry about having perfect spelling and grammar. Those things can be fixed; the most important thing is to add more content to the wiki.
  • However, if you submit a bunch of very low quality material (e.g. descriptions that are impossible to understand, terrible screenshots), your entries may be disqualified.
  • You may also be disqualified if we find that you're tampering with other people's entries by making malicious edits.

The list

Please add your name below with a link to a DeviantArt, Twitter or other means of contacting you if you win. We advise against listing an email address as it could be harvested by bots for spamming purposes. You only need to enter once; your name will remain on the list for subsequent months unless you stop submitting articles for a long time.

Previous winners

  • May 2022: SeveraLute