Anibal Cinq Volume 2

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Anibal Cinq - Chair d'Orchidée pour le Cyborg
Anibal Cinq 02-01.jpg
Series Anibal Cinq
Issue no. 002
Release date 1992
Country France
Studio Les Humanoïdes Associés
Writer Alejandro Jodorowsky
Artist Georges Bess
No. of scenes 2
Damsels Orchidée
Bindings Ropes
Positions Hogties
Gags OTM

Chair d'Orchidée pour le Cyborg ("Orchid´s Flesh for the Cyborg") is the second volume of the two volume humorous, erotic, sci-fi series "Anibal Cinq" ("Anibal 5") which follows the amorous cyborg agent "Anbial Cinq" on various missions as he fights various threats to earth´s goverments (mostly an organisation called "Interterror").


The second mission of the second volume sees Anibal Cinqs conciousness transfered into the body of a female cyborg, "Orchidée". Interterror has built a base that projects a field that kills off all male organisms entering it, so Anibal Cinq is to share a body with the female Cyborg in an attempt to infiltrate the base and take it out. While the infiltration is sucessfull Orchidée gets found out and, refusing any commands to remain subtle by both Anibal and Mission control, get captured, hogtied and gagged.

She is the brought to the bedchambers to the woman in command of the base who seduces her to spill all the secrets of her mission and beyond while Anibal helplessly "watches" his conciousnes unable to control the cyborg. After spilling everything Orchidée is trapped in held captive in an "Harness" of unspecified nature. Later Anibal Cinq is able to regain control over the cyborg body and manages to break free using an cybernetic gadget installed in one of the hands.