Angor Volume 5

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Angor - Lekerson
Angor 05-01.jpg
Series Angor
Issue no. 005
Release date 2013
Country France
Studio Soleil Productions
Writer Jean-Charles Gaudin
Artist Dimitri Armand
No. of scenes 2
Damsels Vilyana
Princess Jesale
Bindings Shackles
Positions Hands in front
Gags Handgag

Lekerson is the fifth volume of the five volume fantasy series "Angor" who follows a group of teenagers that want to break free from their countries strict caste system, getting their hands on a magical amulet that can change ones age, which is thought after by several groups.


The volume starts out with exploring Corky´s and Vilyana fate, with them, in their normal "young" forms shackled in a wagon that is underway to they county of Lekerson. The main conspirator behind the kings assassination Count Lekerson, offers them the choice to betray their friends and not only offers them their lives, but that of their friends (except for the king´s heir) and the title of Lords once he has taken the crown.

Later on rest of the group infiltrate the counts castle, transformed into objects that were offered to the count as gifts. They transform back in the bedroom of the counts wife, Princess Jesale. When she wakes up and spots them, they handgag her to keep her from screaming for help.