Angor Volume 4

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Angor - Vilyana
Angor 04-01.jpg
Series Angor
Issue no. 004
Release date 2012
Country France
Studio Soleil Productions
Writer Jean-Charles Gaudin
Artist Dimitri Armand
No. of scenes 3
Damsels Evrane
Bindings Ropes
Positions Hands in front
Gags Cleave

Vilyana is the fourth volume of the five volume fantasy series "Angor" who follows a group of teenagers that want to break free from their countries strict caste system, getting their hands on a magical amulet that can change ones age, which is thought after by several groups.


Since the last volume Evrane, Talin and Corky have been recruited into the service of the king´s heir, who is also looking for an age changing amulet. While the heir had at first send his troops after the friends (and eventually captured them) to get their amulet it turns out it is not the one he needs. He explains to the friends that he needs the amulet to impersonate his father, the king, who has been murdered. The heir already used one of the amulet once to do so, but is now "bound" to that specific amulet if he wants to repeat the process. The amulet has been lost and he initially thought it was the one Evrane and company had in their posession. Also there is still the open question of who murdered his father.

He talks the friends into helping him out, travelling with him both in search of his amulet and the traitor who is behind the plot to murder his father. The group, together with several companions travels incognito and stays overnight in a tavern. A local brute shows interest in Evrane with the heir commanding the group to stay put and not start a fight. The brute shows up in the middle of the night in the room Evrane shares Corgy, kidnapping her. Corgy notices Evrane is gone a few minutes later, seeing through a keyhole that the brute has cleavegagged Evrane and bound her to his bed. He rushes back, snatching the amulet to change into his adult form and frees Evrane (now OTM gagged - continuity error?).

Later, when they are travelling by boat, Corky runs away from the group with a young girl he got to know on the boat, named Vilyana. The group heads out to look for them and even manage to find the amulet but are overpowered by a group of barbarous non-humans. Evrane along with Talin has her hands and feet bound. It turns out they had a traitor in their midst, the commander in chief of the king, who had come with them. Along with the main conspirator who also shows his face. The group is tied to poles, then one after the other are being executed. When Evrane hurls insults at the bad guys she gets OTM gagged along with Talin. When Evrane also gets exectued with a sword rammed through her body the group is saved by a "dark magican" woman who also manages to revive Evrane with her magic.