Angor Volume 3

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Angor - L'île du sanctuaire
Angor 03-01.jpg
Series Angor
Issue no. 003
Release date 2011
Country France
Studio Soleil Productions
Writer Jean-Charles Gaudin
Artist Dimitri Armand
Cyril Vincent
No. of scenes 3
Damsels Evrane
Bindings Ropes
Positions Hands in front

L'île du sanctuaire (Sanctuary Island) is the third volume of the five volume fantasy series "Angor" who follows a group of teenagers that want to break free from their countries strict caste system, getting their hands on a magical amulet that can change ones age, which is thought after by several groups.


In the third volume the friends Evrane, Talinn and Corky are stranded on an islands coast after the ship they were on was sunk by a group after the amulet they found. They end up on the coast with the Ships Captain and Mylene who was the leader of the female sailors aboard their ship. On the beach they find that the main of the island is essentially walled up from them by an almost sheer cliff face.

Finding a small tunnel they convice Corky (through the "choose your age" effect of the amulet a hulking brute) to change back to his young age, being the smallest of them and easily able to fit into the tunnel. He agrees but they dont hear of him again. Some time later they get tossed a rope by soldiers who wear the same uniform as some they watched previously being thrown over the cliff dead. When they are all up the cliff the soldiers demand to tie them up, its either that or back down to the beach. The group agrees and are led by the soldiers, their hands bound in front of them, behind a corpse cart where the soldiers have gathered their fallen comrades.

Arriving at the city Talinn and the Captain are "drafted" to fight in the cities army. Evrane, not wanting to leave her friends city snatches a sword, hands still bound and fights of some of the soldiers to demonstrate her skill. She is brushed aside by the cities ruler though sending her and Mylene to meet the reverent Mother, remarking that she will have to fight another kind of close combat there. Turns out that "Mother" is in charge of a holy brothel, offering the soldiers "release" after their battle against their foes.

The group manages to escape the city after it fended off an attack, which lead also to a reunification with Corky, who was picked up by the barbarian like raiders and joined in the attack on the city, but recognised his friends and surrendered (after being stabbed with a spear). Finding a stranded ship on the beach they decide to use it as a base and try to build something seaworthy, so they can leave the island. One night while they camp they get surprised by the enemies that sunk their ship earlier, lead by a hooded woman who sprouts shadow like tentacles. The group gets captured, their hands bound again as they are put into a boat to ferry them over to their enemies ship. Once on board they are locked in cell.

Arriving at an harbor they have their hands bound it wooden shackle "boards" as they are marched off the ship and toward the kings palace.