Angie Girl Episode 6

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The Curse of the Gold Mask is the 6th episode of Angie Girl (女王陛下のプティアンジェ), an anime series about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes's niece Angie Islington. The series and the character were renamed to "Charlotte Holmes" in some translations.

The Curse of the Gold Mask
Ag 6 01.jpg
Show Angie Girl
Episode no. 6
Release date January 24, 1978
Country Japan
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Angie Islington
Bindings Rope
Positions Chairtied
Voice actors
Japanese Keiko Han


Angie has been captured after finding a hidden room full of lost relics. She is shown tied to a chair by the entrance to the room, and as she struggles, she is shown to be holding a wooden idol.

Soon the door opens behind her, and Angie, unable to see the intruder, jumps with fear as he puts his hands on her shoulders. The man notices that her wrist ropes have been loosened, and Angie cries out in pain as he tightens them, making her drop the idol. The man picks up the idol and leaves her alone in the room.

Soon Angie notices a suit of knight's armor lying across the room, complete with a sword which the armor is holding upwards in a ceremonial pose. Angie rocks the chair forward so that she is balanced upon her bound feet, and she hops the chair across the room to the armor. Turning her back to the sword, she saws the blade against the ropes around the chair until they are cut. Quickly freeing her wrists, Angie bends over and unties her ankles.