Angie Girl Episode 13

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The Mysterious Case of the Old Castle is the 13th episode of Angie Girl (女王陛下のプティアンジェ), an anime series about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes's niece Angie Islington. The series and the character were renamed to "Charlotte Holmes" in some translations.

The Mysterious Case of the Old Castle
Ag 13 1.jpg
Show Angie Girl
Episode no. 13
Release date March 14, 1978
Country Japan
Bindings Rope
Gags Cloth

OTN gag

Voice actors


Angie finds her friend Alice bound and gagged in a dungeon underneath the castle, apparently being threatened by a giant man, but the giant is actually Alice's friend. He removes Alice's gag but is accused of kidnapping her, and Alice sits bound until Angie comes to untie her during the argument.