Androïdes Volume 7

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Androïdes - La Dernière Ange
Androides 07-01.jpg
Series Androïdes
Issue no. 007
Release date 2020
Country France
Studio Soleil Productions
Writer Jean-David Morvan
Artist Elia Bonetti
Elmer Santos
No. of scenes 5
Damsels 3 unnamed androids
Bindings Net
Tentacle bindings
Positions Hogties

La Dernière Ange ("The last angel") is the seventh volume of the ongoing anthology series "Androïdes" (Androids), each volume telling a different story, by different authors and artists, with androids as a main topic.


The seventh volume of the series is set in the far future where mankind has colonised thousands of planets. Recently those planets have come under attack by what seems to be an alien reptiloid species. They alway seem to attack the outmost systems and never leave any survivors at the attack site. The Colonial Council usually evacuates the worlds who are struck, also sending in a small army of female androids called the last angels, who collect all the data of the victims of the attack. Humans are mandatory fitted with harddrives that record everything they experience through their life and the last angels seek out the victims of the alien attack and download all the data from the victims. The data is then uploaded, presumably analysed to gather information about the attacks. One of the last angels has a defect though, keeping all the memories she downloads she begins to develop emotions. She does her best to hide this, fearing she will be memory wiped or at worst destroyed.

When she takes part in another "cleanup" she encounters a surviving kid, who doesnt seem to have the mandatory hard drive installed. The kid flees with the android in pursuit. She finds that she has been lured into a trap as a she gets entangled in a net. She gets carried aboard a small ship that is crewed by a man and three kids. After the ship has escaped the immedeate pursuit when the colonial forces notice that one of their angels beacon has gone "off route". The man suspends the angel by connecting tentacle like cables to her limbs, suspensing her in a sort of hogtie. He opens her skull and disables her beacon.

As they now, for the moment out of danger, the man identfies himself as also an android. Explaining to the angel that he was once a executor, responsible for terminating malfunctioning angels once everything deemed important has been learned from them. We get a brief flashback how an malfunctioning angel is executed, hogtied and suspended from a hook. During his "career" he came onto information that suggests that the attacks may not be of alien nature at all but a ploy by the colonial council to keep the colonies, many of which vie for independence, in check. He therefore needed an malfunctioning angel, one that could be reasoned with, to disguise itself as another unit, go down to a planet just as an attack is happening (he has learned that seemingly a ship carrying the angels was already in oribt around each planet before it was attacked) record everthing it sees so they can then broadcast the truth about the attacks for all to see.

After some back and fourth the angel agrees to his plan, they follow the fleet, incapacitate an angel via net and give the malfunctioning one the beacon of the incapacitated one. The plan works out as she is picked up without an hitch.