Androïdes Volume 4

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Androïdes - Les larmes de Kielko
Androides 04-01.jpg
Series Androïdes
Issue no. 004
Release date 2017
Country France
Studio Soleil Productions
Writer Jean-Charles Gaudin
Artist Federici "Viska" Federici
Bertrand Benoît
No. of scenes 2
Damsels 2 unnamed women
Bindings Handcuffs
Gags Ballgags

Les larmes de Kielko ("Kielko's Tears") is the fourth volume of the ongoing anthology series "Androïdes" (Androids), each volume telling a different story, by different authors and artists, with androids as a main topic.


The fourth volume of the series centers around the houshold android Kielko and the family that owns him. During the story Kielko shows an increasing interest with human bodies, sexuality and blood while, seemingly in the background a family drama unfolds with a cheating husband, who also comes under investigation as a potential murderer/serial killer. As its interest in human bodies and sexuality rises Kielko gets a hold of a book that deals with BDSM, an image of a naked, blindfolded and ballgagged woman cuffed to a bed can be seen reflected in it´s eye. Later on the wife stumbles upon video material of her (masked) husband being involved in BDSM activites, showing a woman (who was previously found murdered) restrained by ropes and ballgagged with the masked husband mounting her from behind.