Aladdin the Series Season 2 Episode 51

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A Sultan Worth His Salt
Show Disney’s Aladdin the Series
Release date November 19, 1994
Country United States
Studio Walt Disney Television Animation
Writer Mirith J. Colao
Director Rob LaDuca
Storyboard John Dorman
Robert Sovza
No. of scenes 4
Damsels Jasmine
Five Galafem Warriors
Bindings Rope
Positions Hands in Front
Gags OTM
Timestamp 04:05
Voice actors
English Linda Larkin

A Sultan Worth His Salt is the 60th episode of Disney’s Aladdin the Series, a cartoon series tie-in to Disney’s ‘’Aladdin’’ movie. It produced by Walt Disney Television Animation from 1994 to 1995. Disney’s Aladdin the Series ran through a 9-episode preview on Disney Channel, a 69-episode concurrent run on both CBS and Disney Afternoon syndication, and a final 9-episode run on CBS.


Princess Jasmine is abducted in the night by a society of Grecian warrior women known as Galafems. The Galafems sneak into Jasmine’s room and fire a magic arrow at her. The arrow dissipates into a bola of rope in the air that, upon contact with the princess’s stomach, spins up and down her body until Jasmine is mummified in rope. She falls back onto a chair, now easy prey for the Galafem’s leader Hipposdeth to lift her up and carry her away on her Pegasus.

The Galafems want to forcibly induct Jasmine into their warrior woman culture. Jasmine refuses to cooperate, but the Galafems treat the princess’s attempt to escape as her first training exercise. Jasmine is unable to sprint away from the women flying on pegasi. When cornered, she tries to leap off of a waterfall rather than be captured, but the Galafems intertwine their magic arrows into a net to carry her back to their queen with. Jasmine is deposited before Hipposdeth for her assessment, net over her all the while.

Aladdin and friends come to rescue Jasmine, even aided by Jasmine’s father the Sultan. Genie captures five Galafem warriors offscreen. When Queen Hipposdeth calls upon more warriors to foil the rescue, Genie generates a television screen in the sky to reveal that he has tied them to chairs and fitted them with otm gags. Not to be deterred by the lack of reinforcements, Hipposdeth tries to retreat on her chariot with Jasmine in tow, the princess’s hand bound at the wrists in front of her. The Sultan comes the Jasmine’s rescue, having commandeered a Galafem Pegasus himself.