Aladdin the Series Season 2 Episode 5

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Garden of Evil
Show Disney’s Aladdin the Series
Release date September 14, 1994
Country United States
Studio Walt Disney Television Animation
Writer Mirith J. Colao
Director Rob LaDuca
Storyboard Shawna Cha
Rich Chidlaw
Denise Koyama
Jim McLean
Debra Pugh
Chris Rutkowski
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Jasmine
Bindings Vines
Positions Chairtie
Gags OTM
Timestamp 07:25
Voice actors
English Linda Larkin

Garden of Evil is the 14th episode of Disney’s Aladdin the Series, a cartoon series tie-in to Disney’s Aladdin movie. It produced by Walt Disney Television Animation from 1994 to 1995. Disney’s Aladdin the Series ran through a 9-episode preview on Disney Channel, a 69-episode concurrent run on both CBS and Disney Afternoon syndication, and a final 9-episode run on CBS.


Twenty years prior to the events of the episode, the Sultan found a beautiful garden oasis and plucked a flower from it to bring home to his bride. The caretaker of the garden, a humanoid plant creature named Arbutus, takes offense to this tampering with his carefully-considered plant arrangements. The Sultan agrees to grant him any of Agrabah’s treasures to quell his rage. Arbutus allows Sultan to leave unharmed in hopes that in twenty years Agrabah will have a treasure beautiful enough to be added to his garden.

In the present, exactly twenty years after that encounter, the Sultan tells our heroes that this is the day that Arbutus said he would come to collect. Aladdin organizes his team to guard the treasure vault, but when Arbutus arrives he goes for Sultan’s “greatest treasure.” He kidnaps Princess Jasmine with his magic vines, pulling her from her bed at night. Jasmine is only briefly gagged by a leaf over her mouth before the foliage focuses instead on restraining her wrists. Ultimately, she is carried off by a single thick vine coiling entirely around her body.

Jasmine proves no more cooperative once she’s been taken to Arbutus’s Garden. He exercises multiple forms of brief restraint to keep Jasmine from storming off, allowing him to explain his intention to incorporate the princess into his artistic garden arrangements. First, his vines form a crude chair that Jasmine is dragged into by the wrists. Next, he has them pin Jasmine to a tree’s trunk. Finally, Arbutus simply has his vines lift Jasmine into the air, to be deposited once he finishes a garden display for her to see. After this point, Jasmine begins contending with Arbutus verbally, and is not restrained again before being rescued.