Ab Irato 3. L'enfant prodige

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Ab Irato 3.L'enfant prodige
Ab Irato 001.jpg
Series Ab Irato
Issue no. 3
Release date May 2015
Country France
Studio Vents d'Ouest
Writer Thierry Labrosse
Artist Thierry Labrosse
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Officer Lang
Bindings Handcuffs
Gags Cloth Hood
Page no. 148-150

L´enfant prodige ("The prodigy") is the 3rd volume of Ab Irato ("(acting) from anger"), a three volume french sci-fi comic series set in a dystopian future, centering around a life prolonging drug and conspiracies around it.


In Volume 3, Neve who has been taken as a hostage along with other people by rebels. Said rebels demand the live prolonging drug manufactured by the company Jouvex to be made accessible to all citzens, not just the 3% who are able to afford it (or are interesting/powerfull enough for Jouvex to "sponsor" them).

When the goverment tries to go scorched earth in secret, intending to kill both rebels and hostages in one swoop (and blaming the causalities on the rebels), a police unit secretly rebels and seeks to warn the the rebels. Officer Lang is among the rebelling officers. The initial strike by poison gas can be repelled, thanks to the police unit, but then a long planned coup takes place, disposing of the rebel leader and causing the police unit to be also held hostage.

Neve and Officer Lang, handcuffed (and cloth hooded for a short moment) are about to be beheaded by the new leader during a live broadcast, but they are interrupted by the leader of the police unit, who was freed by another protagonist.

Note:Pagecount is from the Collected Edition, german edition.