666 Vol.02 Allegro demonio

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666 2-01.jpg
Series 666
Issue no. 2
Release date 1993
Country France
Writer François Marcela Froideval
Artist Franck Tacito
Jean-Jacques Chagnaud
No. of scenes 4
Damsels unnamed female Demons
Kathy Shmurtz
unnamed women
Bindings Chain Leashes
Page no. cover

666 - Allegro demonio is the second volume in the six volume cycle 666 - decipting a demonic invasion of earth in an over the top "action movie stlye" way.


This volume starts out with leashed female demons on the front cover.

Next is Kath Shmurtz, a Reporter that got captured when New York was overrun by demons and now is Lilith´s personal plaything and also "face", doing TV broadcasts for her. She is dragged by a leash attached to her nipple piercings into Lilith bed to "serve" her.

Following is a view of Lilith Throne Room in the conquered New York, again leashed female demons at her side.

Last is a street scene from New York where a group of unnamed women are offered for sale to the demons with a price going by the kilogramm.