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Welcome to the Animated Damsel Wiki

382 articles and counting

A wiki for damsel-in-distress scenes in animation, comics, novels and video games. Currently in open beta!


This site catalogs damsel-in-distress scenes from popular media and is only intended to be viewed by adults,
even if the majority of content is from media accessible to people of all ages.

Recently released scenes

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Newly added pages

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How to contribute

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Featured article

Recordoflodosswar ova ep9 05.png

The Scepter of Domination is the 9th episode of Record of Lodoss War.

Deedlit is targeted by Pirotess and several other dark elves to be kidnapped so she can be used in a sacrificial ritual. Pirotess successfully captures Deedlit by chaining her to a tree and casting a sleep spell on her, but before she can make a getaway with her captive, Parn, Shiris and Orson arrive to rescue her.



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