Kim Possible Season 2 Episode 18

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Hidden Talent
Show Kim Possible
Release date January 2, 2004
Country United States
Studio Walt Disney Television Animation
Writer Michael A. Newton
Director David Block
Storyboard Carolyn Gair
Dave Schwartz
Sharon Forward
Llyn Hunter
No. of scenes 2
Damsels Kim Possible
Bindings Chains
Timestamp 14:09
Voice actors
English Christy Carlson Romano
Nicole Sullivan

Hidden Talent is the 39th episode of Kim Possible, an action-comedy cartoon produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. It ran on Disney Channel from 2002 to 2007.


While Kim is stressing over her talent show performance, her communications expert Wade is impersonated by Dr. Drakken using a digital motion capture image projected into the Kimmunicator. Drakken tricks Kim into stealing a teleportation module from Dementor, a different villain he claims stole the module. Kim is put off by the anonymous drop-off point she’s told to leave it at but accepts it in her rush to prepare for the talent show. It’s only when Drakken directs her to go back at retrieve a missing piece from Dementor’s invention that Wade reestablishes his connection to the Kimmunicator. Drakken’s cover is blown, but his henchwoman Shego is able to ambush and capture Kim Possible.

Kim’s arms and legs are bound in chains. She’s propped up on a platform and held in place with a single strap secured over her stomach. Drakken makes use of a visual presentation to help illustrate the teen heroine’s elaborate demise: She will be sealed inside of a reinforced titanium box that will be dropped into a nearly bottomless chasm. The chasm will then be filled with water so sharks and a giant squid can be unleashed. Finally, the surface of the water will be frozen with six feet of glacial ice. Kim’s platform is lift above the box, where the strap retracts to drop her into it. Shego takes a blow torch to the lid so the box can be dropped into the chasm.

At the bottom of the chasm, Kim is met with the corks on the side of the box popping out. This lets the water slowly fill her box as she struggles against her chains. Fortunately for Kim, a Kimmunicator ring hidden under her glove allows Wade to get into contact with her. He tells her about the ring’s laser function, which she uses to cut herself free from her chains and make an opening in the box. All that’s left from there is to swim up to the surface and break the glacial ice by singing the high note that she was worried she couldn’t do for the talent show.

Kim arrests Drakken and Shego by tying them back-to-back with rope and leaving them for the authorities. Shego pouts silently while Dr. Drakken blubbers incoherently in shock that Kim escaped.