Jazz Jackrabbit

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Jazz Jackrabbit is a 1994 platformer game for MS-DOS by Epic Megagames.

Jazz Jackrabbit
Release date August 1, 1994
Country United States
Developer Epic Megagames
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Eva Earlong
Bindings Manacles
Positions Hands over head
Voice actors


The game's plot involves the rabbit princess Eva Earlong being captured by the turtle terrorist Devan Shell. This is depicted in the comic that came with the manual of the game's original print run. Here, Eva is seen being grabbed by one of Devan's henchmen, and then manacled to a wall where she sarcastically responds to Devan's questionable villainous backstory.

In the game itself, Eva is seen chained up during the cutscene shown after completing Episode 1, this time snarking "Take your time, Jazz."

In a few subsequent scenes, Eva does not appear to be bound, but held captive nonetheless, so for the sake of completion these will be listed as well: during the cutscene after Episode 5, she is seen being held by a turtle minion, and during the boss fight in Episode B she can be seen struggling with her hands behind her back.

Additionally, on the game's title screen, Eva is being restrained by Devan Shell himself. Similarly to the above examples, Eva's hands are behind her back, but it is unclear if she is bound. There also exists a Christmas-y version of this title screen for the holiday-themed bonus episodes.