I'm Your Treasure Box

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I'm Your Treasure Box
Japanese あなたは マリンせんちょうを たからばこからみつけた。
(Anata wa Marin-senchou wo takarabako kara mitsuketa.)
Release date July 30, 2022
Country Japan
Writer U.Z. Inu (composition, lyrics)
Camellia (arrangement, lyrics)
Director Tease
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Houshou Marine
Bindings Ribbons
Positions Hands in front
Hands over head
Voice actors
Japanese Houshou Marine

I'm Your Treasure Box (あなたは マリンせんちょうを たからばこからみつけた。lit. "You have found Captain Marine in a treasure box") is a song and music video by Hololive VTuber Marine Houshou.


In the video, Marine is bound with ribbons metaphorically locked inside a treasure chest that she wants the listener/viewer to open. She is seen in various provocative positions, including one where she is bound with rope with her hands over her head and one leg suspended, one where she is shackled on the floor (and grows increasingly frustrated with the viewer's refusal to open the box), one where her restraints are unseen but implied as her hands are raised over her head in a closeup, and one where she is seen inside a cage.

At the end of the song, she is seen back in the same position as at the beginning, implying that the entire rest of the video was her fantasy, as she is still locked inside the box and begging for it to be opened.


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