100 Bullets Issue 079

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100 Bullets
100 Bullets 011-001.jpg
Series 100 Bullets
Issue no. 057
Release date 2006
Country United States
Studio Vertigo
Writer Brian Azzarello
Eduardo Risso
Artist Eduardo Risso
Dave Johnson
Grant Goleash
Patricia Mulvihill
No. of scenes 1
Damsels Isabelle "Dizzy" Cordova
Bindings Rope Bindings
Page no. 100

100 Bullets is a pulp/noir Series set primarily in modern day USA. It follows several characters with intermingling story strands. Citing from Wikipedia: "The core concept of 100 Bullets is based on the question of people willing to act on the desire of violent revenge if given the means, opportunity, and a reasonable chance to succeed. Many of the first issues involve the mysterious Agent Graves approaching someone who has been a victim of a terrible wrong. Graves gives them the opportunity to take revenge by providing a handgun, 100 bullets, and documentation about the primary target responsible for their woes. He informs the candidate the bullets are completely untraceable by any law enforcement investigation, and as soon as they are found at any crime scene, investigations will immediately cease.

Although all the revenge murders enabled by Agent Graves are presented as justifiable, the candidates are neither rewarded nor punished for accepting the offer other than their own personal satisfaction. Several people decline, but others who accept find varied success or failure. The attaché and Graves' "games" are later revealed to be only a minor part of a much broader story."


In Issue 79, Wylie Times, Benito De Medici, Mr. Branch and Dizzy hide out in the borderlands in mexico after Dizzy shot and killed Mr. Shepherd, caused by a trigger-word implanted into her by Agent Graves. They are now on the run from Lono, who has become the Trusts new warlord and wants revenge on Dizzy for killing Mr. Shepherd and Agent Graves who wants Dizzy back under his control on the other side.

After Wylie killed of the first group of locals Agent Graves send to extend a friendly invitation, Victor Ray appears at the cottage out of the blue, claiming to have defected from Lono´s Cadre. Wylie leaves for a talk with Agent Graves, leaving Branch, Benito and Dizzy in Victor´s care. Before he leaves he gives Branch who shows a clear distrust toward Victor a hint that if Victor wants a beer he should get him one. Sure enough after some tense conversation in the hut Victor demands a beer. Branch heads to get him one, finding a gun in the beer cooler. He pulls it on Victor but things dont go as planned, as in the end of the issue we find a battered and bound Dizzy in the backseat of a car driven by Victor, along with Branch who has a bandaged hand, missing one finger. Victor intends to offer Dizzy to Agent Graves. Wylie in the meanwhile is shot dead by mistake during the meeting with Graves.

Note:Pagecount is from the Collected Edition Vol.11, german edition.